Central Texas Friday Night Throwdown

PolemistisCrossfit-HORZI am excited to be hosting our first Throwdown here at Polemistis CrossFit! Come join us on Friday, July 15th and get your workout ON! We are going to have 12 prizes for all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for RX male/female and scaled divisions. Our prizes this year are going to be badass. You’ll have a chance to WIN products from Reebok, hundreds of dollars in FREE supplements from Europa, prizes from Hylete, and our sponsor, Revolutus Fightwear, will be here with training gear. See you on the 15th!!

Central Texas Friday Night Throwdown

Reebok San Marcos


Revolutus Fightwear

Europa Sports Products, Inc.

Central Texas Friday Night Throwdown

As a guest of Fit Factory CrossFit and being part of the competition, they are doing free pics of the event. The photos will be loaded into dropbox into files by heat number. You will need to email Warren Zerr at wzerr58@gmail.com and give him your heat# and he will send you a link. Pics will be available july 20th!!!

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